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Does staying by the sea not attract you? Would you prefer the beautiful Czech countryside instead? Do you like to walk in the woods and hike? The mysterious and untouched nature, which the Střední Brdy location is so proud to have, is the perfect place for you and your family or your friends to enjoy a nice weekend or a whole vacation just the way you like it. The Orlov boarding house offers cosy accommodations and facilities needed to relax, sports or trips to discover the surrounding area, all of that  for great low prices. We look forward to your stay and we hope you will have a great rest and a lot of nice experiences from it.

Trips on foot or by bicycles

The Orlov settlement, which can be found in the foothills of the heart of Brdy Mountains, is available to all our guests throughout the whole year. Our settlement, which is now part of Příbram, has a rich history. It came about in the pre-Hussite times and it is thought that its name comes from the general name of an eagle (eagle = orel in czech). This predator was known to nest in local deep and dark woods a long time ago. Visit us – and find out more! During your wanderings or trips on bikes through the Brdy forests you can get to know and learn many interesting facts about the origin of our settlement. Brdy is a great place where you can throw all your worries behind, relax and recharge your batteries.

Tourists and mushroom pickers will enjoy too

The Orlov boarding house is an ideal facility for families with children, as well as a bunch of friends or your business team. From our house you can go on shorter walks, but also adventurous tours. All guests have a parking space available right in front of the house and can also use our bicycle storage. Boarding house Orlov is furnished in a rustic style and is in perfect harmony with the foothill character of the landscape. The settlement is a year-round paradise for hiking and biking lovers - and in winter a great place for cross-country skiing. Brdy and the nearby forests are also an ideal place for mushroom  and berries gatherers.

Where can you go?

If you decide to stay at the Orlov boarding house, you can head on some very interesting trips from here. How about you and your friends attend to climb to the tops of Třemošná and Tok? Or you and your family can go to see the ruins of the castle Valdek and find out if it is true that this castle had its own White Lady. You can also visit the Padrťské ponds that are a truly fabulous gem of the landscape. Also the water tanks Pilská and Lázská are worth the visit. One thing is for sure, on none of these trips, you definitely won’t get bored!


Do you belong to the lovers of tourism and want get to know the interesting corners of our country? Then feel free to visit with the mysterious forests of Brdy with your family or friends. You can spend a nice weekend or a longer vacation here. Cosy accommodations can be booked at our boarding house, where you can wander around through the beautiful landscape, including the Brdy forests. The Příbram boarding house is an ideal place where you can also take seminars or trainings with your employees, who can then relax on a walk or a trip to the nearby surroundings.

Cycling and hiking

The Příbram accommodation offers a comfortable base for hiking fans and also all guests who enjoy cycling. You can even take your four-legged friend with you – so you can wander around together. Central Brdy are well known by long walks lovers and hikers, and you might be surprised that the woods are filled with hundreds of kilometres of trails for bikers. If you decide to visit us you will surely be attracted by the Greenway – Vienna bicycle path. Also hikers don’t have to worry about getting lost because everything is perfectly marked.

Meet the Brdy forests

Boarding house Příbram lies in the foothills of the central part of Brdy. The beautiful and untouched nature, including lots of tourist attractions, will lay right in front of you. If you prefer to spend your holidays in peace and an undisturbed environment, the Brdy forests are just the right place for you. The local forests are dense, moist and well sprung. The landscape is riddled with small streams and crystal clear creeks and on your journeys you will often come across charming fountains, which to this day contain clear water of excellent taste.

Well known dams and nameless little ponds

The Příbram accommodation is an ideal base for families with children. With your children you can spend a long weekend here or leave the buzz of the city for an entire week and enjoy the magical fairy tale-like landscape. With nameless little ponds, scattered all around central Brdy and known dams (Láz, Pilská, Octárna). A great place to visit on one of your trips could also be the magical Padrťský pond.

Brdy are rugged highlands and what is definitely worth mentioning is that it is one of the least effected by civilization places in our republic. If you take your mountain bike with you, you'll enjoy a wonderful holiday, and of course our boarding house offers you practical bicycle storage. Directly in front of the building is a parking lot from where you can travel to farer surroundings.


Do you enjoy an active holiday? Or do you often spend weekends in the woods, which are a paradise for passionate mushroomers? In that case do we have a great tip for you! Visit the Orlov boarding house, which will give you a comfortable base for exploring the beautiful forests of Brdy, whether you favour gathering mushrooms or different forest crops, like cranberries or blueberries. Staying in the landscape of dense forests with lots of crystal pure streams and springs is ideal for families with children or a group of friends. An individual can also book a cheap accommodation with us, as well as a larger group of employees.

The area of unspoiled nature

Central Brdy is one of the last spots in our republic that is almost untouched by civilization. That’s why Brdy forests are so popular amongst enthusiastic tourists and mushroom picking lovers. If you come to the Orlov settlement you can enjoy picking mushrooms and forest crops in peace and far away from the hustle of the city. Your family can even multiply all the fun by lots of trips, seeking out interesting tourist attractions. You can either get to know the surrounding environment by foot, following marked trails, or on bike via bicycle paths.

Autumn mushroom picking

The Orlov boarding house is ready for guests all year long. The stay here is beautiful in all seasons. Mushroom picking lovers can really enjoy their stay in autumn. In the spruce forests of Brdy you can find all types of the favourite boletus mushroom, like the brown one and mushrooms from the Leccinum family under the birches. If you’re interested in a private "exploration" of the local area and locations where all of these mushroom grow, our accommodation is available.

Paradise for tourists

The Brdy area is often (rightly) labelled as one of the "cradles" of our tourism. It’s no wonder, after all even back in the times of the First Republic this place was always crowded with guests. This place was packed with holiday cottages and similar recreation objects. The Brdy forests remain one of the cleanest forests in the Czech Republic, and therefore are still sought out by tourists.

Come and see for yourselves that this place is so beautiful. We’ll be more than happy to take good care of all our guests here at the Orlov boarding house. You can visit us with small children or your four-legged pets. Even mommies with prams can enjoy walks in the local beautiful nature thanks to forest paths that are in good condition. Your whole family can brighten the weekdays by a wonderful stay here in the Orlov settlement.

Svatá Hora

Do you like to wander around the Czech countryside? Come visit us - on a recreation or a long weekend - at our settlement Orlov. Tourists, cycling lovers, as well as mushroom or berries collectors, all of these can really enjoy their stay here. Also fans of important historical monuments will experience precious moments here, thanks to monuments like Svatá hora. A famous baroque complex in Příbram, that is definitely worth visiting.

The Příbram boarding house will offer a cosy and comfortable accommodation for individuals and couples, as well as families with children, group of friends or employees on corporate training. Comfortable accommodations and precious service of our staff will really make your stay memorable. You can visit us in every season, it is always beautiful here!

Svatá Hora – thanking for the answered prayers

Are you attracted by the mysterious stories of our sights? In that case Brdy and their surroundings can easily become a source of interesting and valuable information. While visiting the local sights you can see for yourself what you have been only reading about. Also, the beginnings of the pilgrimage place Svatá Hora are emblazoned with mystery. An ancient legend says that in the 13th century a beautiful chapel was built on the spot where now Svatá Hora stands. It is said it was built by a noble knight as a thanks to Virgin Mary for answering his prayers and protecting him against robbers.

The Svatá Hora monastery

You can find out what is true about these legends if you and your family come stay in the Příbram boarding house and then go visit Svatá hora for yourself. For example you will find out that (according to surviving evidence) the original masonry chapel is still a part of today's basilica. The central shrine is surrounded by four chapels and the Svatá Hora monastery was also built here. 343 steps (400m) lead to the areal from the town Příbram. The long climb on the stairs is well worth it thanks to the well know statue of Virgin Marry of Svatá Hora, carved by the first Archbishop of Prague Arnost of Pardubice himself.

Following the footsteps of our ancestors ...

Accommodations in our boarding house can be booked throughout all the year, whenever you want. If you decide to view the pilgrimage Svatá Hora, you can also visit other beautiful gems. Brdy are a true paradise for tourists that love untouched nature and historical monuments. Come visit us and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

Mining museum

Are you planning to where to go on vacation this year? Are you thinking about where you can spend a wonderful long weekend? Come to us! The Orlov boarding house offers nice accommodation and quality service, all for great prices. And believe that you definitely won’t be bored in the beautiful location of central Brdy. Lots of interesting places worth exploring are just waiting for you. For example you can visit the known Mining museum Příbram. It consists of several exhibitions and offices, including the mysterious tunnels. Visiting this museum is a wonderful experience not only for adults but also for your curious children.

Trips on foot or by bike

Accommodation Příbram is a strategic point for all your trips and wanders through the local county. You can set off with your family or friends on hikes or you can travel on designated routes for cyclists. Certainly don’t leave your mountain bikes at home because you can have lots of fun with them in this region. Moreover there is a storage within the house where you can safely deposit your bikes.

Visit the Mining museum

If you decide to visit us, the Příbram Mining Museum can become a destination for one of your trips and also a pleasant variegation of your stay. One of the interesting things you can see in the museum is the permanent exhibition dedicated to mining, but it also includes a set of buildings and historical and geological exposures. You will also find out that it is the largest mining museum in the Czech Republic.

The museum staff also cares about “non-mining” exposure. Which ones are those? For example the memorial Vojna near Příbram (used as a communist camp in the 1950’s) that is dedicated to the victims of totalitarianism. The Orlov boarding house can also be your starting point for a trip to the Vysoký Chlumec museum where you can view charming monuments of rural architecture. And that’s not all… The museum of gold is very interesting as well, it can be find in the Nový Knín locality.

How was work in the mines...

Accommodation Příbram is of course also ready for families with children. You can take your descendants in the footsteps of the local mining activities. The Příbram Mining museum invites you to the Ševčínského mine, where you can view a real engine room or an oil rig.  You can also see a typical miner's cottage from the 17th century and the extensive mineralogical exhibition. In the mine Vojtěch a train ride awaits you that will take you to the Marian gallery. Want to see it all with your own eyes? Well than don’t hesitate to book a visit at our boarding house. We look forward to seeing you!

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